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SSD upgrade for your Laptop


Since all SSD’s don’t have moving parts, they are perfect for laptops since they consume less power than a standard hard drive and they won’t break if your laptop gets bumped around while you are using it (ah the nature of the laptop). Above all the SSD will be faster than any laptop hard drive or any desktop hard drive for that matter.

A few things that you need to consider before you make the upgrade.
1. Is your laptop too old for the upgrade?
If your laptop is more than 5 years old, upgrading to an SSD might not be a good option, the problem is; for one your laptop might not last that long considering that it is already half a decade old.
Another reason is the technology present in your 5 year old laptop might not be able to maximize the SSD that you will install.
2. Use newer OS like Windows 7 or Windows 8 if you don’t have newer OS at least Windows XP and nothing older.
3. Have you considered the price per gigabyte difference between hard drives and SSD’s?
It’s true that SSD’s are more expensive per gigabyte compared to the conventional hard disk drives, pero kung maalala ninyo 3 years ago ang 120GB SSD is around 20K pero ngayon meron ka nang mabibili at around 5 to 6 thousand pesos. Mura na ang SSD kumpara noon, and ang trend is mumura pa siya in time. Pero if your laptop has 2 drive bays it will not be a problem since you can install your old hard drive in the second hard drive bay and use it for storage, YEY!

If you have done all the considerations your basically good to go. As soon as you install your brand spanking NEW SSD to your laptop and have installed the necessary programs and drivers you will immediately notice the difference in speed and performance. Enjoy your upgrade: D

Hhhmmnnnn napa isip ako ah. Pag pinlano mo ng mabuti ang pag bili mo ng laptop mo maaring perfect ito sa future upgrades. Idea para sa susunod an episode hehehehe 😀



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