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Gigabyte GA Z87N-WiFi


Welcome to SPLAT TV SHOW PLAY TECH, Breadknife here and today we are going to take a side by side look at the newest Motherboard from Gigabyte Based on the new socket 1150 for the Haswell series processors from Intel.
The Gigabyte GA Z87N-Wifi and it’s predecessor the GA Z77N-wifi

Now pareho silang maliit. Both are itx form factor. Makikita ninyo mamaya na halos wala silang pinag kaiba pwera nalang sa socket na support nila. Itong isa para sa latest Haswell and the predecessor is for Sandy and Ivy bridge based processor.

Now we won’t focus too much on the Z77N but we are just going to use it as a comparison sa bagong motherboard na ito ang Z87N-Wifi.

Bago tayo mag side by side let’s take a look at what is inside the box.

Tama nga pala. We would like to thank Gigabyte Philippines for this motherboard. Before pa siya naging available sa area natin dito sa Davao they gave us the Z87-N Wifi to play around with.

Lets jump right in shall we. Opening the box, heto na agad ang motherboard pero mamaya na yan. Unahin muna natin ang iba pang laman.

Multilingual installation guidebook
Ultra Durable Gigabyte User’s Manual
They use the same for the H87N-Wifi model

Motherboard Driver Disc
Utility Driver Disc
Input/output Shield
Sata Cables
Wifi antenna

Noticeably mas malaki and better ang build ng antenna with this one. The previous version has 2 antennas but the new one has 1 bitter antenna for both.

Now it’s time for us to take a look at them side by side.

Here are the 2 motherboards side by side. You can hardly tell the difference between the two. Siyempre it would be good to take note na hindi pwede gamitin ang Sandy and Ivy bridge processors sa bagong Z87N-Wifi motherboard kasi magkaiba ang socket nila. Hindi magkakasya at malamang pag pinilit mo masisira mo sila. So take note of that. They may look the same but you cannot interchange the processors between the 2 motherboards.

They both have 2 DIMM slots for DDR3 memory. Th Z87N-Wifi supports upto 2666Mhz ddr3 ram on overclock.

There is the 24pin power socket at the top of the itx board nandito din on the same location ang wifi module. And here sa Sata ports ninyo makikita ang key difference nila.
The Z77N-Wifi has 2 Sata 3 and 2 Sata 2 ports habang ang latest Z87N-Wifi has 4 Sata 3 6Gbps ports.

Looking at the back side of the motherboards. Makikita ninyo na Mas maraming USB 3.0 ports ang Z87N than its predecessor.

Both have Dual Gigabyte ports
Optical Audio out and 5.1 channel audio and according to the Gigabyte website it can support upto 7.1 channel audio.
PS2 Combo
Dual HDMI and DVI-I output

There you go yan ang side by side overview with the latest itx motherboard from Gigabyte for the latest Haswell processor the Ga Z87-N-Wifi. This will be perfect para dun sa gusto mag build ng itx gaming powerhouse coupled with the latest Haswell Processors of course.

Thank you so much Gigabyte Philippines para sa Gigabyte GA Z87N-Wifi



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